Is Agile Workforce Software Right for Your Small Business?


Many organizations have identified the need for a more effective workforce management solution. But workforce software is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Small and medium businesses, for example, have vastly different needs from enterprise, so while one workforce system may work perfectly for a multinational, it could be totally ineffective for a smaller organization.

Since SMBs and enterprise have such different organizational needs, Synerion offers a product catered to each. For small and medium businesses, we have introduced Agile Workforce Software, specially geared towards non-enterprise organizations. Here is how to determine whether or not our Agile is right for your small business. 


Assess Your Current Challenges

To determine whether Agile Workforce Software is right for your small business, identify and assess the workforce management challenges you currently face. These may include the following:

  • Manual calculation of employee pay
  • Employees stealing time and/or buddy punching
  • Very high labour expenses
  • Over or under-scheduling of labour
  • Paying out too much overtime
These are typically the biggest workforce management concerns of small to medium businesses, regardless of industry. You should also determine if you require a combination of hardware and software, what your implementation needs and timeline are, if customization options are suitable for your organization, and more.

Will Agile Workforce Software Solve Your Issues?

Agile serves to address the issues mentioned above specifically, and can result in a 2-5% decrease in your annual payroll costs. This is accomplished through a number of key capabilities provided by Agile, including:

  • Fewer payroll errors – since Agile automates time-consuming manual payroll processes, you are able to not only quicken administration, but also reduce human error
  • Better time tracking ability – with Agile, you are able to more accurately track employee work hours and collect accurate data to input into your payroll
  • Reduced overtime – Agile allows you to track overtime offered, refused and worked, so that you can control and authorize the overtime worked and associated compensation
  • Better reporting – Agile's Software offers advanced reporting that gives small and medium businesses the ability to better plan and allocate labour based on accurate reporting and business intelligence
  • Enhanced scheduling capabilities – With Agile, managers and supervisors are better equipped to identify issues, including employee attendance, productivity and more, so that they can more efficiently take corrective action and improve employee scheduling.

If these are the types of capabilities you require to resolve your current workforce management issues, Agile may be the right solution for your small business. Learn more about our Agile Workforce Software and whether it suits the needs of your organization.