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How to Motivate Employees

Posted by Team Synerion on Feb 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM

48791453_s.jpgStatistics show that 52 percent of US workers are not actively engaged in the workplace, 18 percent are unhappy and only 29 percent are satisfied and passionate about their job. At the same time, the importance of motivation is tremendous. Companies that have motivated employees tend to experience a 43 percent higher productivity than others, The Hay Group survey suggests.

Wondering how to motivate employees? A few techniques tend to deliver much better results than others.

Provide Honest Feedback

Many employers believe that motivation is all about money, but this isn’t the case. According to a survey carried out by Market Tools Inc. 39 percent of people don’t feel appreciated and see this as a major problem. These employees need positive reinforcement from their managerial team in order to feel actively engaged. At the same time, 77 percent of people reported that they’re willing to work harder if they’re going to gain recognition for the efforts.

As a manager or company owner, you must be an active listener and provide constructive feedback. Give your employees purpose, be transparent and open in your communication. This connection will boost engagement levels, even if there’s room for improvement in terms of performance.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Additional qualification and growth opportunities are ranked as some of the most effective ways to increase motivation. If you’re wondering how to motivate employees, consider investing in training programs, courses and growth opportunities.

People tend to stay loyal toward companies that invest in them. Training can improve quality of work and outcome, which makes people happier with their accomplishments. In addition, employees get opportunities to move up the professional ladder. If you offer people an opportunity to grow, chances are they’ll be motivated and loyal at the same time.

Reward Programs

Communication with teams and individual workers can make it very easy to assess performance and come up with reward programs. A healthy competitive spirit can be used to accomplish a lot in corporate structures. Awards and recognitions don’t have to be massive to boost productivity. Making an announcement in front of everyone to acknowledge individual accomplishments will often be sufficient.

Set A Personal Example

Leading by example is highly applicable in the corporate world. A manager who is a hard worker and who’s committed to moving forward professionally will inspire other employees to put their best foot forward, as well.

Corporate values and beliefs start with the behaviour of the individual. If you’re not excited about your job and the outcome of your efforts, chances are the people who work for you will not experience an adrenaline rush in the morning either.

Positivity is infectious and so is the strong belief in one’s success. The more present and hands-on in approach you are, the better the results you’ll experience in terms of employee motivation.

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