How to Ensure the Greatest ROI for Your Company

Your company has decided that it’s time to take a look at your current workforce management system, and maybe it’s time for a new change. But where do you even begin?

Shopping for a new time and attendance system isn’t as simple as just looking for the best price you can find. Implementing a new time and attendance system can be a time consuming and costly process. You need a solution that will be specific for your organization’s unique needs, while keeping in the project’s budget.

What most organizations do not realize is that a properly executed implementation process is a key contributor in the projects return on investment. You want a vendor whose implementation methodology has been specifically designed to bring a structured, reliable approach to implementing workforce management solutions.

When it’s time to make the final decision, look for solutions that are designed to shorten implementation cycles, deliver high end user adoption rates, focus on optimizing business processes, and is built on proven best practices. This approach brings the greatest ROI as quickly as possible.


The plan phase brings alignment and provides clarity on overall project goals and success criteria. This phase also prepares the customer to effectively participate in the project.


The design process should be focused on optimizing the customer’s business processes. A detailed examination of policies and rules should be captured and incorporated into a configuration design. This ensures system calculations are programmed accurately to provide maximum automation and accuracy.

Through an effective workflow design session, an effective role based training plan should be created to ensure high end user adoption rates of the workforce management solution.

A comprehensive approach to solution design ensures the customer is well positioned to implement the most effective workforce management processes for their business.


It is essential for the build phase that you have experienced and accredited system consultants for the configuration of the solution. Since the implementation directly relates to the return on investment, the efficiency of the process is very important.


No matter how smoothly the initial implementation was executed, it is always beneficial to have a comprehensive testing strategy. Unit, integration and user acceptance testing should be supported by test cases developed during the design phase. This approach ensures that by the time parallel testing is conducted, the system performs as expected.


A well defined deployment strategy should be executed to ensure the move to the production environment is done successfully. Once live, Customer Care professionals should be introduced as the primary point of contact for ongoing support.

By keeping in mind the following objectives during your implementation process, it will help to ensure the fastest and greatest return on your investment.

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