How Proper WFM Can Fix Human Resources Management Issues


When it comes to personnel, human resources management issues are just part of the job. Even companies that boast great benefits and successful employee engagement scores struggle with human resources management issues that affect the company's bottom line. Employing effective workforce management (WFM) through software and training can help reduce those losses and retain skilled employees. These three common challenges found in human resources administration illustrate how a WFM system can help save your business time and money. 


Problem: Excessive Absenteeism

Answer: Time Keeping Automation

Absenteeism is a tricky subject to broach. Salaried employees who aren't forced to clock-in and clock-out are managing employees who need to be on the clock for their specific hours. Some managers choose a more lenient approach by allowing frequent absenteeism in the form of late clock-ins or early clock-outs while other managers go strictly by the book and don't account for employee emergencies or occasional slight absenteeism. Both tactics cost the business; one in time and one in morale. 

When looking at absenteeism as one of your human resources management issues, workforce management software can reduce the confusion. By automating the time clock system, executive management can ensure that the organization's policies are being enforced unilaterally and fairly. This relieves pressure felt by management and decreases time spent on timekeeping and gives employees a clear, straightforward policy that's enforced regardless of department or site.


Problem: Lack of Vision

Answer: Online Company News

One of the biggest human resources administration issues is ensuring that all employees understand and are working towards the vision of the organization. Often, daily huddles among front-line employees don't convey quite the same message as those approached in board meetings. This leads to the executive team focusing on a mission that isn't being carried out by lower levels of staff and a feeling of discordance company-wide.

A workforce management system can address this issue best by providing the same information to every member of the company. From customer service representatives to board members, presenting company news using an intranet or company website can ensure that all employees are receiving accurate information about the direction of the company and what issues are being focused on company-wide. Increase workplace knowledge and employee satisfaction by implementing an online source for company news using a workforce management.


Problem: New Legislation Affecting Workplaces

Answer: WFM Payroll Services

Particularly for smaller companies, allocating man hours to learning the ins and outs of new legislation can become one of the bigger human resources management issues. Even if time is allowed for education and training, it's hard to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing laws implemented on companies. A employee management payroll service can distill all that information and accurately apply it to your payroll without the time and cost investment. 

Employee management payroll services are the perfect way for small businesses to outsource their payroll in a cost-effective way while still keeping on the cutting edge of workplace legislation. Employees are rest assured that they receive the most benefits from government legislation while employers can ensure they meet federal demands. WFM payroll services are a great way to address this human resources administration issue. 

Human resources management issues can cripple a company, but thanks to workforce management solutions, companies can find simple, low-cost ways to find solutions. From encouraging transparency with a company intranet to offloading timekeeping duties from management and giving employees a more consistent interpretation of time clock policies, human resources can take the reins to create a productive and happy workplace. These are just three examples of the wide variety of ways WFM can positively impact your workplace.