How A Medical Staffing Agency can Benefit from Workforce Management

doctor-563428_640.jpgWith the projection of nearly one in eight jobs being in healthcare by 2022, medical staffing agencies are only going to continue to boom. The need for professional and competent medical staff is growing by the day and agencies need to work fast to get qualified individuals in a short amount of time. If your agency isn’t utilizing a workforce management system, you may find yourself struggling with the influx in demand for your services.

Learn how your medical staffing agency can benefit from a workforce management system now.

Track Employee Skills

Matching the right person with the right job is a challenge in any industry but medical staffing agencies have the unique challenge of being required to make those matches dozens of times each day. Finding that perfect employee quickly is essential and a workforce management program can help. By tracking skills and qualifications, your agency employees can comb over hundreds of potential resumes in seconds to find the handful that meet all necessary requirements. 

Multi-User Access

Medical staffing agencies need to work collaboratively to find qualified staff fast. No successful medical staffing agency allows their employees to work in a silo. Employees need to interact and network to meet the needs of their customers. A workforce management system allows multiple users to access and aggregate information in a convenient space. Notes can be publicly posted and candidates discussed without a single meeting. A workforce management system provides a platform for every medical staffing employee to work together to get positions filled. 

Immediate Information Anywhere

While medical staffing may seem like a largely office-based job, there’s a lot of the job that’s performed on the go. From meeting managers in health systems to networking with potential candidates on the road, having the ability to access information, candidate files, and other documents from any location can help gain a customer or fill positions. A workforce management system allows employees to access information wherever they’re working and on any platform. From a smart phone to a desktop, implementing a workforce management system allows every employee to access job related documents at the touch of a button.

Progress Tracking

Medical staffing requires more than just a cursory interview to find the right candidate. There are credentials to confirm, skills to assess, and background and drug tests to complete. Hiring for a medical position is a multi-step process and losing a candidate in the middle can set back the hiring process by days or weeks.

Workforce management software allows every employee at your medical staffing agency to pinpoint exactly where all candidates are in the hiring process. If the position is being held up by a missing piece of paper or lack of a diploma, any employee involved in the process can see and address it. Progress tracking provides a great way for employees to keep tabs on all job candidates and ensure positions are filled fast. 

While the influx of healthcare jobs may provide job security for those in the medical staffing field, to excel and gain the most out of this increase, you need to stay a step ahead of the competition. A workforce management system is a fantastic way to stay connected with candidates, customers, and employees to get jobs filled fast. 

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