Does Your Business Need an Absence Management Solution?

38887933_s.jpgAbsence management is a critical task for every business owner to undertake. Even though individual absences might not seem like a big deal, the collective impact of those absences can carry a dramatic financial impact for your company.

Employees are entitled to sick days and vacation time, so how do you manage the time given with the need for regular attendance? Having a solid absence management solution in place can help you. Consider the following questions when deciding whether or not you need an absence management solution for your business.

Do You Know the Reason Behind Most Absences?

In many cases, the reason behind most absences is injury or illness. If your employees are getting hurt on the job you might be able to decrease the number of injury-related absences by having additional training or adjusting your team. It's important to know why absences are happening so you can adjust accordingly and prevent absence, in some cases.

Who Is Responsible for Absence Management?

If you have multiple people in your organization that need access to timecards, leaves of absence and other absence-related information, an absence management solution might be a good idea. Having this information stored digitally creates an efficient system wherein those who need the information can access it easily, right from their computers. This saves time and money and allows you to find solutions to problems as they arise instead of waiting for papers or files to be transferred.

Do Employees Play a Role in Timekeeping?

Self-service options for employee functions such as time off requests and time card completion are becoming popular among businesses. Since so many self-service options free up HR and other related departments, it’s hard not to move to an absence management solution. If you don’t have an employee portal yet, creating one within your software solution can help streamline and increase business efficiency.

What Kind of Reporting Can You Achieve?

Are you able to quickly and easily generate detailed reports regarding individual employees, a department, or the company as a whole? If not, you might want to look into an absence management solution. Whether you're trying to prove a case of chronic absence, tardiness or you're preparing for a meeting, digital absence management solutions help you do so instantly.

What Is the Size and Growth Rate of Your Company?

If your company is large, you'll probably want to consolidate your timekeeping and absence management functions to an online portal or digital solution. Similarly, if your company is experiencing an accelerated growth rate or is poised to do so, having the ability to scale when necessary is important. That’s where the option of a digital absence management solution might be ideal.

Are You a Small Business Owner?

Absence management solutions aren't just for large corporations anymore. In fact, many small business owners are finding a variety of benefits through implementing an attendance software solution. When you streamline your ability to track employees, generate reports, monitor behaviors and free up your staff and resources for other important tasks, your business runs more profitably and effectively.

Answering the questions above will give you a place to start when considering if an absence management solution is right for your company growth. For more information on workforce management software, visit our products section on our website.

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