How to Seamlessly Move to a Digital Time Clock Solution

digital time clock | SynerionA digital time clock solution allows businesses to increase accountability, boost employee morale and productivity. Making the switch to a contemporary digital tracker, however, could lead to some unease. To make the integration smooth and seamless, you will need to follow a couple of basic rules.

Communicate the Change with Employees
People who work for a certain company tend to be afraid of the unknown and the reasons behind the change.

Preparing workers for the introduction of the new technology will make it much easier to accept. Highlight the benefits for everyone involved. Accurate time tracking will result in adequate pay and no abuse. Obviously, workers will benefit immensely from the better accountability.

Showing employees that such technology is incredibly easy to use and that it will save them time will also motivate everyone to embrace the change.

Choose the Right Digital Time Clock Solution
Digital time trackers come in all shapes and sizes – the market has become truly diversified. Seamless integration is all about choosing the solution that’s just right for your company’s needs.

Take some time to do research and acquaint yourself with the common functionalities. This way, you will know what your business needs and what could be avoided.

Do you need to know how much time an employee is spending on specific task? How about overtime data? Do you need easy payroll integration? How about detailed analytics and reports? No two solutions are alike, which is why you have to get an excellent idea about the exact needs of your team.

Ask Key Employees to Test Out and Review a Solution of Preference
As a manager, you have certain needs. Your expectations, however, aren’t representative of the organization’s.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few solutions that you like, ask a few key employees to test out the digital time clock solution.

Take their praise and criticism in consideration. After all, these are the people who will be using the time clock on a regular basis. You don’t want to burden and confuse them. Thus, you should be looking for a simple and user-friendly possibility that people will master in record time.

Reward the Workers Who Embrace the New Process
Pay attention to details. If you are actively involved in corporate processes, you will get the same level of dedication from your workers.

Once the new system is introduced, you should provide stimuli for people to use it regularly.

Reward the workers who embrace the new process and are diligent about it. The reward itself could be something simple and inexpensive. As long as a positive stimulus is available, people will be more than willing to work towards the recognition/bonus.

The consistent submission of accurate timesheets in the first months should be recognized. It may cost you a bit but the productivity gains will justify the additional expenditure.

Make Sure Integration Has Occurred Across the Organization
Apart from employees who log their work data, a digital time clock solution will also be needed by various departments.

Make sure that the integration has been completed with your accounting, invoicing, project management and third-party apps. If this isn’t the case, departments will be spending a lot of time on their tasks and this will ultimately cost you money.

Seamless integration takes some preparation and some patience. Work on getting the best solution and test it thoroughly before implementation. If you manage to complete these tasks in advance, you will be satisfied with the outcome (and your employees will also love the new solution).