Cost Reduction and Workforce Management Solutions

shutterstock_75982741As today’s business environment continues to become more complex, workforce management solutions have never been needed more. The goal of any organization is to ensure the optimal balance between labour and demand, while providing a return on investment.

Traditionally, each process of the business cycle requires vast amounts of administrative effort that can be time-consuming and error-prone. Utilizing an automated, effective workforce management solution not only enables businesses to meet their labour needs, it enables them to avoid exceeding them and save money.


Cost Reduction Benefits from Workforce Management Solutions:

cost-reduction-img1Reduce Labour Costs

  • Reduce the administrative costs of manually scheduling employees
  • Reduce overstaffing costs
  • Save 2-5 % payroll costs and eliminate buddy punching
    • An organization with 5,000 employees and a $300 million payroll would save $6 million a year by reducing labour costs by only 2% through better workforce management


cost-reduction-img2Productivity Savings

  • Reduce the impact of loss of productivity due to unplanned absences by monitoring workers’ adherence to schedules in near real time
  • Reduce cost of payroll errors



cost-reduction-img3Fast Implementation:

  • Accurate execution and smooth adaptation, all work to save you costs and expenses for maximum cost-effectiveness and system efficiency.



Workforce Management Solutions are flexible in design and seamlessly integrated with your operational systems and provide you with the best return on your investment. Organizations must be responsive, not reactive, to ensure that resources are used in the most effective ways possible.