Administering Benefits? Here's How Workforce Management Software can help

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Workforce management software isn't just great for collecting business data and publishing policies and procedures. It can also help employers administer employee benefits more effectively.

Learn how workforce management software can help human resources distribute benefits information to employees and help employees gain more from their benefits throughout the year.

Educate Employees About Benefits

When it's time to renew benefits, getting in touch with the entire workforce can be a challenge. HR departments often struggle with getting pertinent information to each and every employee. The end result is usually some employees being bombarded with duplicate information while others don't get nearly enough.

Workforce management software gives employers a platform to distribute benefits information to every employee, regardless of worksite or employment status. Employees can access information at their leisure, either during the workday or from the comfort of home and HR doesn't need to spend extra time tracking employees down. 

Determine Eligibility

Benefit eligibility can create a headache. Particularly in industries such as healthcare and transportation where the typical 9-to-5 schedule doesn't apply, figuring out who exactly is eligible to receive benefits and which benefits they receive can be difficult. Ultimately, manual determination may result in employees accidentally being passed over for benefits or employees receiving benefits they're not entitled to.

Workforce management software takes the guesswork out benefit eligibility. The integration of timekeeping software ensures that the right employees receive their earned benefits. HR can be more hands off when it comes to determination with workforce management software. 

Allow Employee Access

Employees are more invested in their benefits than ever before. The changing landscape of healthcare often makes benefits more important to some employees than salary. Allowing employees to have instantaneous access to their benefits information not only allows them to make better decisions regarding their time off and healthcare but also makes them more secure and satisfied in their job.

Workforce management software allows employers to keep updated benefit information and accruals on an employee portal that employees can access from home and work. It allows companies to be more transparent and empowers employees to make more informed decisions regarding their benefits. 

Update Employee Changes Fast

Human Resources isn't always the first to know when employees have major life changes. Marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, and new homes create a lot of upheaval in peoples' lives and registering that change with their workplace often slips their mind, particularly when the only way to log that change is a trip to the human resource department.

A workforce management system gives employees an easy to access and convenient place to update their life changes without disrupting the workday. From a workforce management portal, employees can change addresses, update dependent status, and review tax exemptions. 

Workforce management software can be a human resource ally in distributing benefits. From allowing employees access to their paid time off to ensuring that every employee understands which benefits they are eligible to receive, implementing a workforce management system can cut down on time spent by human resources on benefits while providing employees with more accurate information year round. 

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