5 Ways to Identify Strong Talent for Recruitment


Vacancies are an ongoing challenge for businesses. The longer a position stays open, the longer current employees are overworked and job responsibilities go unattended. Businesses can reduce that stress and anxiety by refining their recruitment process to identify strong candidates. Use these five tips to identify strong talent for recruitment at your organization. 


Create Accurate Job Descriptions

Many companies use outdated job descriptions that require a wide array of requirements and job duties that are old, useless, or just fluff. Consistently updating job descriptions to fulfill the exact needs of the organization without unintentionally ruling out strong candidates can save time twofold. Firstly, candidates that clearly don't meet business needs can immediately be excluded from recruitment. Secondly, strong candidates can be identified and contacted immediately. By creating an accurate job description, HR and management can be on the same page and easily identify those candidates who meet the needs of the company. 


Automate the Recruiting Process

Recruiting can be a full-time job or it can be an ongoing part of your business' process. Incorporating automation into the recruitment process can help organizations identify strong talent on an ongoing basis. An applicant tracking system (ATS) that not only curates applications but tracks where those applicants came from and who referred them can provide insight into where the best candidates are seeing your message.

Automating the recruiting and hiring process can also allow both HR and management to evaluate potential candidates. Instead of funneling all resumes through a single department that may not always understand the nuances and needs of the hiring department, all departments have the opportunity to determine which candidates present a strong case for recruitment. An ATS system can help companies identify where their message is being received and reduce the chance for rejecting high-quality candidates.


Tap Your Resources

Recruitment doesn't have to start from scratch. In fact, your greatest resource for identifying strong talent for recruitment is already on your payroll. The reality of today's marketplace is that few employees are dedicating their lives to a single organization. Many attain new job skills and qualifications by switching jobs. Using current employees to identify top candidates in their specific field, whether a former coworker or a professional acquaintance, not only promotes teamwork and unity within an organization but results in strong talent being hired. Current employees are the best source of top talent during the recruitment process. 


Refine Your Search 

Internet job postings have encouraged many businesses to take a scattershot approach to recruiting. They post on Indeed or CareerMonster and watch the tidal wave of inexperienced, untrained, and unemployable candidates wash in, hoping to pick out at least one strong candidate in the bunch. By refining your job search to key places where strong candidates for a specific job would frequent, the flood of useless resumes can slow to a trickle of high-quality candidates. Post job opportunities in professional magazines, industry blogs, and professional certifiers. Take careful aim at the strongest recruits to fill your positions with the best candidates. 


Do a Look Back

Many top choice candidates have already applied to your organization, whether you know it or not. In fact, sixty percent of the candidates submitted by a recruiter have already applied to that company. Whether the timing wasn't right or the position previously filled, many of these high-quality applicants are still interested in discussing a position, even if they are currently gainfully employed. Comb through your ATS to find the best candidates cultivated through recruitment and keep them on file for future openings.