5 Tricks to Inspire Your Employees

5 tricks to inspire your employeesIf productivity has been flat lining, don't just look at the employees to turn it around. Consider instead whether leadership has been lacking. To reach peak productivity, employees need leadership that excites and boosts employee morale. Use these five tricks to inspire your employees to achieve greatness. 

Acknowledge Success

It may seem like a silly concept, but a surprising amount of managers aren't acknowledging success within their team. If someone works overtime to help out the company or identifies a process change that saves the organization money, it's absolutely pivotal that managers talk about that success. Bring up small and large employee success at every opportunity. This small tactic shows that you value employees and their contributions to the workplace as well as encourages other employees to exceed expectations to receive the same accolades. 

Offer Time Off

Cash awards have been waning as sources to incentivize employees. Instead, today's employees value time off with their family and friends. This costs the company little and can jumpstart productivity. Set goals for employees that are achievable within your department and offer to let employees leave early as their reward. Create time-sensitive challenges to encourage employees to think about their daily processes and how to streamline them. An afternoon or Friday off can yield big rewards and increased satisfaction, giving employees time to clear their head and come back to work with fresh ideas. 

Consider Telecommuting

If you can't offer straight time off, an option to telecommute can increase employee motivation, inspiration, and engagement in the workplace. Just like a trip to a new city can spark an interest in art or food, an alternative work environment can offer a new perspective on the same old routine. Offering a couple days a year or a day a week to work from home can help employees find creative solutions and new ideas for their work group from a whole new location. 

Have a Concise Vision

Marketing firms have long understood the importance of a clear brand. A great brand has a straightforward mission with a hook that interests those who hear it. Much like "Where's the beef?" and "Just Do It," you need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish at your workplace so employees can get on board. If you have a clear vision, employees know how to succeed and excel in the workplace. Develop your vision for your workplace and communicate it concisely to employees to empower your team. 

Sell Your Ideas

Despite their best intentions, managers often shoot themselves in the foot by forgetting that employees need individual motivation. For the hourly worker, there's not much incentive to reach a sales quota or create a symbiotic relationship with another company. They have bills to pay, families to support, and other commitments that are more important to them than their workplace. Instead of conveying company news as what employees will be expected to do, talk about how new initiatives positively benefit each employee. Doubling sales for the company may mean meeting expectations for an annual bonus, or reducing the time spent on a process may result in a company lunch. Focus on employee benefit with any company news to increase enthusiasm and engagement. 

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