5 Features All Time Attendance Software Should Have

46137761_s.jpgTime and attendance programs make it a lot easier to manage employee performance and do more effective workflow planning. Choosing the right software is one of the keys to functionality and getting the information you require. If you’re oblivious about what it takes to buy a time and attendance program, the following tips may come in handy.

Here are a few of the essential features that will be determining for the quality and the user-friendliness of the software.

Automatic Time Tracking

The first and the most important feature of such programs is accurate time tracking. Such programs usually come with a time tracking terminal. It enables employees to log hours and simplifies the process of checking attendance. The manner in which employees input information varies from one option to the other. It’s up to you to pick the possibility that works best for your organization.

Some of the most common time tracking input options include barcode badges, electronic tags, biometrics, magnetic stripe cards and touch screen input. Gone are the days when employees had to rely on a manual punch card system. Contemporary time and attendance programs simplify the process and increase accountability.

Absenteeism Management

Good software products simplify absence management, as well. All of the requests are submitted by employees and delivered to a team manager for approval. Since there are detailed logs of everything, the information can be kept on file for reference in the future.

With such a program, it would become a whole lot easier to plan and track vacations, leaves and sick days. A good program should also make it possible to keep track of not paid time. In the end, detailed reports will be provided, ensuring better human resource management practices.

Payroll Management or Integration

Some time and attendance programs have payroll features. Alternatively, the software should be easy to integrate with a payroll program. If you already have such software in place, make sure that the new tool is readily compatible with the one you’re already using.

The information provided through the system is imperative for payroll calculation and avoiding payroll fraud. You should get detailed reports about the number of hours each employee has worked, sick days, absences and work breaks. Make sure that the information is provided in a simple, easy to analyze manner.

Easy Access to Information

Easy access to information is another important feature. A good time and attendance program should feature cloud-based access. If you opt for such a contemporary solution, you’ll get to access the information from any location that has internet connectivity.

While cloud storage is convenient, you should also make sure that the program protects your company’s sensitive data in the best possible way. A few other access to information characteristics to examine include retention of data for a certain period of time (in order to comply with governmental or state rules), multiple levels of access for different members, easy editing of information and effortless information approval.

Biometric Integration

Biometric data is becoming quite common and its popularity will increase in the years to come. Good time and attendance programs should offer biometric integration.

Biometrics can be used to track attendance, ensure safety, maximize accountability and even enhance the quality of customer service at the company. Check out the program’s biometric settings prior to making a purchase. There should be multiple options that go beyond tracking attendance in this contemporary way. Biometric implementation is imperative for reducing buddy punching and time theft, which is why you should definitely give it a try.

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