3 Kinds of Automated Business Software That Reduce Costs

pexels-photo_1.jpgIf you are running an office, a factory or just about any kind of operation that involves making a profit, reduced labour and operating costs should always be on your mind. As computing and software technologies continue have advanced, new automated business software is emerging that are  designed to rely on the human element as little as possible. We aren’t just talking about sophisticated robots on a factory floor. This software can handle much of your sales process, invoicing, internal documents and even employee scheduling with hardly any human intervention at all. 

So if you are interested in having more productive staff, lower operating costs and a more effective business, see our list of three automated technologies that you should be implementing right away.

Marketing Automation Software

If you run a business that relies on generating new customers from your website, marketing automation is something you can't live without. It automates a large portion of your sales and marketing processes. For example, if a potential customer fills in a form asking to be contacted for a free quote, a marketing automation software can assign it to a sales person automatically and ensure everyone's workload is equal. 

Marketing automation is also used to propel your leads down the sales funnel. Say a new customer comes to your website and gives you their email address in order to download a piece of content. Instead of having a sales person manually follow up with them, you can have an entire series of emails sent automatically to help until they are ready for a sales pitch.

Document Management Software

Having a modern document management software instead of relying on manual document processes can be a huge time saver for just about any business. That’s because it allows you to build automated document workflows and other automated processes, which allow you to automatically route documents electronically to the right person, archive any file or ensure a file is properly deleted, just to name a few examples. 

This can be especially handy for invoices, internal documents that need a proper signature or any kind of establish group work process. With other 90% of business processes still revolving around the movement of a paper record, this technology has great potential to free up staff time for other duties, reduce paper costs and increase transparency.

Workforce Management Software

A workforce management software also offers lots of automated features that will free up time for staff, managers and HR departments. Automating how time is captured and your employees paid is much faster and easier than relying on manual punch clocks and timesheets. It can also create automated staff schedules, ensuring that you have enough staff coming to work and reducing the risk of human error in the process. It’s the perfect solution for reducing your workforce management costs, boosting productivity and having standardized, reliable data on which to base business decisions.  

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