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What is Workforce Management: The 4 W's of WFM software

Posted by Team Synerion on Feb 8, 2018 12:16:59 PM

What is Workforce Management | SynerionThe simple answer to the question “what is workforce management?” is: a process, or software, that organizes, tracks and manages activities required to maintain a productive workforce. This would include time management, human resources, absence management, labor allocation,  staff scheduling and reports/analytics. That’s the “simple” answer to the “what”, but decision-makers in any organization need to know more - the kind of questions that will allow them to implement a process, and/or a WFM software, that will actually maximize performance, and streamline efficiencies across every department.

Just as any good journalist would, HR professionals, CFOs, Payroll executives and business owners drill further, asking more than the “what”. They ask: WHO uses and benefits from this software, WHY should my business consider the technology, and WHERE should decision-makers look to find a solution partner?

Let’s start with understanding more about WHO uses workforce management software and consequently, who benefits from it. You’ll see workforce management software transforming business processes in the manufacturing industry, along with healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, government and everything in between. You might even be surprised by some of the industries that are using WFM software, and reaping the performance and operational gains. Businesses big and small, are using this software to automate processes like payroll or staff scheduling, helping to drastically reduce production and labor costs by identifying issues and trends.

In particular, workforce management software benefits businesses that deal with complex situations related to scheduling, labor allocation, payroll, time tracking and compliance. For this reason, Synerion’s WFM software has been tried, tested and proven to bolster overall productivity, and provide operating cost-savings through comprehensive insights and process automations.

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The next question, is WHY. Why should a business invest in workforce management software? Start by asking peers in your industry. Usually, businesses that are using WFM software point to three main areas of benefit: cost savings/productivity, analytical functions, and compliance navigation.

The number one reason to implement automations to payroll, scheduling, HR processes and even field services, is to understand where costs are leaking, and to increase productivity. This is a universally shared benefit to implementing workforce management software. With centralized and automated scheduling and labor costing, absence management and payroll integrations, organizations are cutting costs to the tune of billions worldwide.

The technology is designed to gather valuable data and intelligence to predict issues and trends, and come up with better (more productive) ways to operate. Business decisions are made using WFM software because it is predictive and exposes areas where improvements can be made.

Finally, many companies face compliance obstacles that become barriers to growth and productivity. For example, legal obligations enacted by local or national government bodies, union policies, company policies and governance, etc. Maintaining compliance is not only time-consuming, but often, a bit of a nightmare! Even the smallest of errors can create problems with regulatory bodies, and costly fees. WFM software works to protect organizations against these risks and streamline compliance requirements, no matter the level of complexity.

The final question, is WHERE to look for a solution provider. Review sites like Capterra provide real customer ratings, testimonials, reviews and summaries of workforce management products and services. Synerion will also provide you with a free demo of our WFM and scheduling software, which is a perfect way to see the solution in action and ask questions specific to your organization and current processes. You may want to find a provider that specializes in your industry, or who works with best-in-breed partners to create custom solutions vs. an out of the box product.

Ask questions, be vigilant, and consider how workforce management software could work to increase productivity and streamline processes in your business.

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